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I've spent about the last year making a 510 Massey combine into a snowbine!  The before picture is after I had cut about four feet from the rear end but I figured most people know what a Massey 510 looks like so here it is.

The before picture

and after!
The beast at rest

Here's a couple of pictures of Scottish Highland cattle from my farm.  The first one is a little white calf-he was born just a few weeks ago.  I thought Tatonka might be a good name as white buffalo calves as seen as something really special.  The other pictures include a few nice profile pics and a few miscellaneous ones.


Young highland on a sunny day





A few pics from March 11th 2002.

My barn on a beautiful winter day

My cow Head-butt soaking up sunshine
My cow Head-butt soaking up sunshine


Cecil is king of all he observes
Cecil is king of all he observes

Cow-calf pair

What are you lookin' at?
What are you lookin' at?

My dog, Rudy, squelching a sneeze.
My dog, Rudy, squelching a sneeze.

Everybody should have a dog like Muffin
Everybody should have a dog like Muffin

Thie first pictures involve installing the cupola on my barn that Billy Joe Johnson gave me.


Here are some pictures from the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion in Rollag August 31st through September 3rd, 2001.

Horse Farm at Rollag

John Deere crawler

The Rollag Railroad!

One of the first Melroe/Bobcat Skidsteers

Rollag Steamer

Don Dufner's 6-wheel driver 830 John Deere

This next couple of pictures are from my place. The first is my 56 Chev truck that I repainted. This Fall Mike Johnson gave me a windmill. It's a little beat up so I tore it apart and you will see some "before" pictures. I'll get the "after" pictures on AFTER I get it ready.

My old Chev truck

Windmill gearbox

The following pictures are from a herd of Highland cattle owned by Winnie in Northern Germany near the river Schlei by a town called Schleswig. You can see the town with a grand Steeple in the background on one of the pictures. Winnie emailed me that she and her cattle live in a land where the fierce norsemen known as "Vikings" once lived. I thought this was interesting as I am from Viking, Mn. Winnie, please send some more pics when you can from your home near Denmark. Thank-you

Highland bull in the land of the Viking

Beautiful little Highland calves

Highland cow near the river Schlei in Northern Germany

Highland cows with Schleswig, Germany in the background

Winnie's Highland cattle

This is me, Grant Nelson, with my finished hay shed (would you like one? I am a dealer) along with my two dogs, Rudy and Muffin. This picture along with an article can be seen in the Winter edition of Farmshow magazine. You can order this very good farm magazine at:

if you'd like to inquire about this building call me at 218-964-5118 or email me at:

The dogs and me in my new hay shed.

First picture includes the bullet holes.

cupola lift

cupola lift

Bullet holes repaired PKM electric lifts the cupola and Jeff Poolman and Frank Knoll secure it.

Cupola lift