8th and Davis-Waitin' on a Train

Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Letter to Dave

(8th and Davis-waitin’ on a train)


Dear Dave.


Eighth and Davis-waitin’ on a train. Intriguing subtitle-Hmmm? I came up with some thoughts for this letter while I was waiting for a train to pass at this intersection while at work in Thief River Falls, MN. My work schedule has been a little strange lately. We finished sugar beet hauling last week just as my vacation time was running out. The first day back at the Sheriff’s Office, I received a phone call from Harvest States that they needed a truck driver this week. I gotta tell you, I think my imagination is getting the better of me. I recently read that people who sit a lot (like in a truck) get blood clots which can be very serious. I’m climbing out of the truck and stretching whenever I can and

staying busy at home after work.

I met one of your fellow Case/IH people today. The fertilizer plant I work for is looking at a new floater and the representative from Fargo came up to do a little selling. I thought he looked a little stiff and formal (you know, professional) but as it turns out grew up on a farm and still hauls beets each Fall for his family. He even helped me get the roll tarp back on my truck, the "tetanus-mobile." His church picks up inmates from the local jail for Sunday services so we had plenty of common ground which makes for good conversation.

It’s fun to go from farm to farm making deliveries because I can talk to people closely involved with agriculture. Your area of the world has always impressed me because people aren’t afraid to make farm life work for them. I think we’re catching up with you because there’s more talk now about innovations and marketing than government programs and new pick-ups. People are building and improving their farms and homes too. You know when your neighbor builds a garage you figure you can have one too. I see our new Ralph Engelstad Arena and think maybe I need to raise my expectations for myself. You see all the improvements and you want to be included some way. Why just this week, Lisa and I bought a new dog house for Muffin complete with aftermarket interior foil insulation. We’re truly movers and shakers.

Projects are going well on the home front. My railroad tie cattle waterer is finished and the truck is almost ready for winter. I finished the cattle wind break last week and have about sixty feet of corral to finish before Winter.

Sadly, I’m done with concrete work in the barn for the season. I did however, find a book with instructions to build flower pots and other useless objects with sacrete. Perhaps next summer will find our farm populated with concrete-cast, three hundred-pound cement deer and rabbits.

That’s about it around here. Tomorrow, we’re hauling grain to fill a train down at Hazel (where?) Minnesota. I finally get to drive a semi instead of the tetanus-mobile so I must get some sleep so I’m at the top of my game.


Hope all’s well your way.