I'll Take Tuesday
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

There’s a famous phrase that states  “take one day at a time”.  It’s means to concentrate on  the present and not worry about the future.  I agree with this philosophy but wouldn’t it be nice to chose which day we take?  Tuesday was such a good day.   It was the kind of day I’d been waiting for awhile so I wanted to document it.  I’ll take one day at a time but my question is,  “can it be Tuesday?”

Tuesday morning I spoke in front of the Golden Pioneers group in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.  I’d never really spoken in front of a group so there was none of that professional polish to get in the way.   I spoke to about twenty five of the most attentive gentlemen who then asked some of the best questions.  I told my sister Deb (sweet, insane) about the morning and she said they sounded like lifetime learners-students of the world.   I would guess many of the men lived with the aches and pains of age but they all had young, limber minds.  It was a treat to speak to them and something I will always remember.

Sunday I’d noticed a calf limping in the pasture.  The snow has melted some and the ground  is uneven, icy and dangerous.  I thought maybe this little steer had a sprain but it turned out to be a complete break caused by a bale ring.  My first  thought was that this little fellow wouldn’t see summer but Dr Johnson from Red Lake Falls, Minnesota said he might be able to cast the leg.  I think a larger farm with a different veterinarian might have just put the animal down but Dr Larry loves animals and this is a small enough farm where we can do better than a bullet.  My Tuesday  morning work-out at the gym was nothing compared to the work-out of  supporting the leg of our sleepy patient.  During the whole process we were aided by two young heifers who licked the face of the deeply anesthetized steer and provided a little needed stimulation.  I had some trouble with calving this Fall and giving this steer a chance made my day.  I don’t know what we’ll find when we cut his cast off in mid-April but we did our best for him.

Whenever I’m very busy at home I always remind myself  that when all’s done I can have the evening with my wife Lisa.   Tuesday night was so light and happy and the usual television re-runs seemed better than the first time we watched them   After supper  I went out to check the little steer and his big cast.  I’m not fooling myself because his leg may not heal.  But tonight it doesn’t hurt when his hoof touches the ground and his prospects are brighter.  The last thing I did before I went to bed was write myself a note about my great day which you are now reading.   If I am to take one day at a time then I will take Tuesday.