In Dreams
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I don’t often remember my dreams. I have no answer for those who ask if I dream in color nor do I see the significance of colorized dreams. My dreams are more about emotion and images. I did recently have a dream that was very clear and remains imbedded in my memory.

I did a little research prior to writing this column. I found internet sites that interpret your dreams and suggest symbolism attached to characters or animals found in dreams. Cows could be a symbol for your own passivity and docile nature. This symbolism is lost on me as I’ve seen our cattle chase everything from squirrels to one another. Dreams of flight allegedly signify a sense of freedom although if you find your wings are black you may suffer from a life of disappointment. I find most of my own dreams of cows spring from my subconscious listening to the cows mooing outside our window. I’ve never dreamt of flight, my only transportation dreams usually involve a new tractor. A dream that includes a dog may symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity or a skill the dreamer has ignored. When I dream about dogs it’s pretty specific but not very symbolic, I just love dogs.

My recent memorable dream was about our dog Rudy. Rudy has been dead now for two and half years but he’s never too far from my thoughts. I adopted Rudy from a shelter and during my dream I returned him to the shelter. Later in my dream, I was walking around a truck stop and Rudy ran up to me in the parking lot. I remember how I felt so bad that I had returned him to the animal shelter in my dream. (which I never did in real life) I woke up and thought he was still alive. It felt so good to lay in bed and think about seeing him again. I told myself that I must have dreamed Rudy’s death and that he was outside sleeping in his house. The truth was that Rudy was just as dead now as when I found him laying in the straw in November of 2002. Rudy has been dead for better than two years and my subconscious is still up late at night thinking about him. I’m always surprised at what wiggles up from my deep inside my mind when I’m not standing guard.

Hamlet lamented, “to sleep, perchance to dream-ay there’s the rub.” In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet wanted dreamless sleep only of the more permanent variety. My dreams include everything from baling hay to those like the one about my dog, Rudy. It’s a real crapshoot what kind of dream you’ll receive when your head hits the pillow. It’s bedtime as I write this column. I sit and consider Hamlet’s line and the possibility of another dream not necessarily of my choice. All things considered and given the choice of an early bedtime I think I’ll instead stay up late and watch a movie.