My Barn
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Many things bring people together. Holidays, tragedy and weddings are a few unifying factors. In my case it is much more simple. What brings a few important people and I together is my barn.
I moved to my farm in 1996. Lloyd Noreen and his spouse Janice had already lowered the barn but it needed some more work. Lloyd and I became friends while we worked on remodeling the barn. We cut-out openings at each end for the doors and then built the doors to cover them. I came home from town one day to find Lloyd putting in new windows on the front facade. I recently had the roof tinned and the outside painted. Lloyd and I both loved the barn and I was happy that he could see the progress that we had made before he died last Spring.
Clifford Lindquist was the person who started Lloyd as a farmer. I finally saw pictures of Clifford at Lloyd’s funeral. He looked so kind. There was a picture of Lloyd and Clifford together and I could see Lloyd admired Clifford as I admired Lloyd. I can see what Clifford wanted from my barn by the way he built it. I always try to remain true to Clifford’s intention for this farm and I am amazed at his forethought. I think he and I would have been friends just like Lloyd and I.
A couple of years ago when I first started living here my dad stopped over for the first time. I was so surprised when he told me that he used to keep his draft horses in this very barn. My dad grew up about seven miles from my place and he would walk here to plow for Clifford. I can not imagine walking here and back plus plowing behind horses all day. I now walk into my barn and imagine my dad as a young person hitching up his horses and cheerfully going to work. I never thought I would come that close to knowing my dad as a young person.
I am lucky to have had three strong influences in my life, one whom I never even met. I like being part of a line of history that hopefully will not end with me. Clifford, Dad, Lloyd and me-I’m in good company