Letter to Dave-the ORIGINAL

Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I always enjoyed the letters that Marilyn Hagerty wrote to her sister and then published in the Grand Forks Herald. I followed Marilyn and Constant Companion (CC) as they discovered new restaurants and new experiences.
My brother, David, lives in Carrington, ND and I rarely see him so I thought I would try Mrs. Hagerty’s newspaper format. So, while I realize I am walking where giants once trod and with a nod to Marilyn Hagerty and Erma Bombeck , I now give you a “Letter to Dave.”
 Dear Dave, I am so excited. I just finished drawing out plans for a calving pen/cattle working area for my farm. When I finish this beauty, farmers from every corner of the globe (at least Dad and Mom) will come to ogle my creation. Ranchers will cry, gnash their teeth and fall to the ground in the glory of this testament to my own desire to keep myself busy. I also located a cupola for my barn. I had almost given up when I located one quite close to home. I consulted our brother-in-law, Mike, last night about plans to build my own wooden windmill. He gave me some good engineering advice and the phone number to a psychologist who bowls on his league.
Our nephews, Jamie and Andy brought Cecil (my other bull) home last week. He and Cyrus (current herd bull) battled the first day but now it’s mostly posturing and trash-talking. I did however discover that it’s not a good idea to stand between Cecil and a pretty heifer. My physical wounds will heal but I cannot guarantee the psychological scars will ever repair. Jamie went to Texas this week with Christi for spring break. I instructed him that if he saw George W to tell him he’s got Grant Nelson in his corner. Lisa went to Little Rock, Arkansas to see a friend. I instructed her that if she saw Bill Clinton to make sure she stays with friends in a well-lit area. Mom and Dad stopped by last week. I saw them coming and feverishly washed up some coffee mugs and closed the cupboard doors. We had fun and they’re both fine. How is your family? Did you sell you pick-up? Speaking of vehicles I had my third flat tire this winter. It happened while I was on my way to work. Fortunately it happened just before midnight so I could enjoy my misery in solitude. I’ve always enjoyed changing a flat in freezing mist so it was mostly a positive experience. Well, I better go, I have some high-level pacing and coffee drinking to finish. Tell everyone Hi.
Your little brother, Grant