A Little Magic
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Lately there have been many expose television programs on magic. I don’t pay much attention to the exposes or the magic shows that inspired them. I did however see some magic this winter that greatly interested me.
Northwest Minnesota doesn’t often see fog in the winter but it happened recently. I drove home from league volleyball when I noticed a beautiful, orange moon. The trees along the river were shrouded in fog and their outlines were blurred. They seemed huge and held creatures beyond my sight. The tallest tree just broke the outline of the moon and I could see a gray squirrel dance across a branch highlighted by the hazy, orange light. I let my imagination run and thought I could see an owl hiding in the shadows on a lower limb. The dull yard light highlighted the pasture and my cattle seemed to almost float as they walked to get some water. The beauty and magic of the fog blanketed the night that was energized by the animals that live here.
I thought about what I had seen that night. A small border collie was hiding along the road and came out to chase my car when I passed. This little animal was following a primal drive to pursue that which he enjoyed. He knew what he liked and did it-magical knowledge not possessed by most people. I passed a nice farmstead recently purchased by a young couple. It was recently uninhabited and seemed lonely but now there were people, horses, new fence and a new beginning. I was happy for them. That night at volleyball we won both matches-not just magic but real evidence of divine intervention.
Everything that happened that night could happen any night. There was no sleight of hand or magic wand involved but it all reminded me of what is important and how good I’ve got it. The real magic was that I was finally able to see it.