A Week-end Well Spent
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio


I was really depressed on Monday. I knew why but that really didn’t help. You see, there is nothing like the let-down you experience after a fun week-end. My nephew married my latest niece in-law this past week-end and

that peak of joy made regular life seem a little, well regular. I am doing fine now and finally slapped myself with the reality of my lovely wife and satisfying life that make any normal day pretty good. Somewhere between wedding practice on Friday night and my little doldrums Monday morning I made a few epiphanies,

First a brief post-game on the wedding. I believe you should wait until later in life to marry. I’ve married when I was young and married when I was old (er) and the latter was infinitely more satisfying. The couple at the front of the church Saturday afternoon was young but had already grown and proven themselves as a couple. The prelude to any wedding seems like a trial by fire and water-it never fails to astound me how people can say that this day is all about the bride and groom and yet still make it about something else. My nephew Jamie has seemed like a man to me since he started carrying feed pails like a man and carried his part of the pre-wedding burden just like I thought he would. His fiancee, Kristi, is strong and opinionated-I suspect there is a woman in her family tree who loaded a cannon or fought for the right to vote somewhere along the line and carried her end of the yoke as an equal. The epiphany here is that maturity is the reason two people make a wedding into a marriage-age is merely a number that allows us to retire at some point later in life.

Monday or maybe even Tuesday I started to feel better. I had been sad because the week-end celebration was now in my past instead of my future. I had met Kristi’s family from Watford City, North Dakota and spent time with my own family and friends. My brother and I got together Monday morning and loaded chairs and tables from the groom’s supper. Steve and I think along the same parallels and that day was no different. We both like to work and sometimes define our day by how much work was accomplished. Both of us felt things had to change, life is too short. The joy that our friends, family and new family stirred eclipsed any pride a job well done created. I have a big stack of rough-cut wood that for which I never had a use. I did some stupid things with that wood because I knew I should use it. Today I began screwing that wood onto the two by sixes in my barn for manure board, I’m finally using the wood correctly. I have a big stack of time which I sometimes have wasted. I knew I should use the time so I did some stupid things with it so I didn’t have to feel guilty or lazy. I realize now I should spend more time with my family and friends and not just say I should do it, the work can sometimes wait. That’s an epiphany that can change a whole life.

A wedding brings union and commitment and creates a face that we can recognize as love. This marriage helped me to not only realize what’s important in life but made me want to change. As far seeing family more and doing something other than work with my pile of time-I’ve got that covered. I’m taking my Dad to Rollag this week-end.

Nothing wrong with killing two birds with one stone.