Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

A favorite theme for my column is redemption. You can recover from almost anything-a sin you’ve committed, loss of a loved one or personal disaster. Redemption is an abstract term but recently I’ve found tangible proof of redemption.
A fire occurred three weeks ago at my nephews place. Jamie lost the building, a tractor and two beautiful little puppies. My Dad lost his grain truck. This was a combination or emotional and property loss that really hurt. All the usual things happened; fire trucks arrived, we called the insurance company and everyone was in shock.
It was a scene highlighted by despair. Jamie began by using a backhoe to clean-up the buckled concrete and debris. He also took bids on a new building. Yesterday my Dad purchased another grain truck that he really likes. He and I went for a drive in it today and I was really impressed. I spoke to Jamie’s girlfriend, Kristy, and they now have a Yellow Lab pup. Kristy said the puppy has some of the best characteristics of the two puppies who died in the fire. Things are getting back to normal.
We live with our losses and probably never really forget them. We can recover and sometimes even come back better than before-certainly stronger. Bad things happen to us yet somewhere along the way find- redemption.