The Pursuit of Happiness
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

The Declaration of Independence guarantees the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Its too bad the Founding Fathers didnt leave a manual with instructions on attaining happiness. I have my own manual that works for me.

I believe people do not always want what makes them happy. The best life has to offer is very basic. Family, friends, the land, animals and living simply have a long history of making people happy. Only recently have we discovered that we need new tractors, a new truck and kids who are in many after-school activities. A well-maintained older tractor and truck work just as well and the kids need their parents influence more than coaches or teachers. I believe in sports and the arts its just that these activities sometimes deprive us of our children and deprive them of our influence. My sister has a full-time job but likes to be a home as often as possible. She says she wants her son to know that shes always home and available even when he is not there. We need to want the right things.

People dont follow their dreams as they should. You start out in life with a dream but you compromise too much and the dream is left by the wayside. I need to work to make a paycheck but I still have my sights firmly on my dream of a full-time cattle farm. My paycheck makes my life but my interests make it worth living. I have forgotten my dreams at certain times in my life. Without a dream, I am not me. If you arent pursuing your goals in some small way you lose the best part of yourself. You may not have a full-blown love affair with your dream but you should at least flirt with it a little.

Finally, Happiness follows Faith." I cannot tell you how many times Ive said to myself, Im using too much brain, I gotta find some soul. I think we make the mistake of believing we are always in charge. We need to believe in our laws and have faith in our public officials. More importantly we need faith in God. I have built temples in honor of myself, money, and my other ambitions only to watch them crumble. Money does not equal Love, Science does not equal Religion and a big screen television is not one-half of a happy relationship. I always find Faith in tough times but sometimes forget when things are going great. I place all my Faith in myself-not a smart investment.

The movie 8 Seconds is about a bullrider, Lane Frost, who died at a rodeo. I watched it last week and in one scene life wasn't going very well for him but in a reflective moment he said to himself, I love this life. Life can get hard and a little confusing but with little work I think we can all say the same.