Feeling Important
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I think most people like feeling important-I know I do. A job, my cattle or anything I do that creates money makes me feel important. Only recently have I had a little enlightenment.

I sometimes perform a task for a friend and then later think of how I could make money performing that same task. When I later make money doing the task I never feel the same sort of sense of accomplishment. My need for importance eclipses my satisfaction at performing a task well. As I look at my life I find greater happiness in the things I do for free.

Each day I feed my dogs, Rudy and Muffin. This is an unpaid position but it is a blast. Rudy weighs more than 100 pounds but his front feet never hit the ground. He dances and pirouettes, runs into me and constantly steps on my heels. Muffin quietly follows us both but wags her tail and licks my hand after I fill her dish. My cattle usually push me around at feeding time but watching them eat gives me great satisfaction. Cattle can be a big responsibility and seeing them eat and knowing where their food comes from gives me a lot of confidence. I am doing something that only my Dad or an older person could do when I was younger. I also enjoy it when someone asks my advice. I recently went with my friend, Craig, to an auction to help buy a tractor. He ended up with a nice 2010 John Deere and I ended feeling good at giving a little assistance.

When I look at each example I realize that in each case I was needed. We all like to be needed-we dont survive long without it. Being needed makes us feel good-matter of fact it might be the only way I know thats an acceptable way of-feeling important.