Letter to Dave (2)
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Dear Dave,

You are now the brother of an authentic Lounge Singer. Lisa and I, along with friends from Viking, attended the Lori Morgan/Sammy Kershaw concert this past week-end. Prior to the concert, we all went to the lounge for a couple of drinks. Unfortunately I was pulled from the crowd to lead the men in song while a band played. It was actually quite fun although a little embarrassing. Lori Morgan and Sammy Kershaw were so good. At one point I leaned over to Lisa and said, "these two are in love." She agreed and pointed out Lori's ring. They later announced that they were engaged. The concert really elevated my spirits-afterwards I felt like anything was possible. Lisa and I talked about things I can't print here all the way home-it was great.

Closer to home I have finally completed my crowding chute. I would equate this project with my own personal Panama Canal. No one died but my spirits needed a little intensive care during each rain storm. I finished it Friday and loaded out my calves on Saturday. I sold my calves to a neighbor about three miles away. I guess the calves felt a little home sick because one was already back Sunday night looking for home and Mother. I can understand those feelings. I still get a little weepy each time I have to leave home.

I wrote about Cyrus, my bull, in my first column. I learn from my animals and Cyrus is no exception. Unfortunately lately Cyrus has taught me mostly about fear. He has become more aggressive towards me since I purchased his replacement, Cecil. Although I have a lot of emotion in my farm the bottom line is that I need to produce a product. My product is meat and Wednesday Cyrus will be shipped to the locker plant. I've always said that cattle end up offering us their life but we should make that life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I think both Cyrus and I have performed our part of that contract. I hope in the end he feels the same way. Hope all is well for you.

Your brother

Grant Nelson