My Hometown
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I currently live just a few miles from Dorothy, Mn and drive through it on my way to Red Lake Falls. This little town lies just off of Polk County 23 and was probably very busy at one time. Theres a fair-sized elevator there and I can imagine people coming from across this area to deliver grain and get a bottle of soda from the machine and compare yields. We used to do the same thing in my hometown.

The Viking, Mn elevator seemed like a skyscraper to me and I enjoyed the fast pace of trucks coming and going. The Soo-line railroad would drop off cars on the siding to be filled and I would look down the long, straight tracks and wonder where they went. Years later I would find out when I went to Harvey, ND for my brothers wedding. He even married the daughter of a railroader. My hometown of Viking once had a bank, two stores, an elevator, a café, post office and two churches. The café, post office and the churches are still there. I used to ride my bike to town after chores and sit with the others kids in front of the post office and listen to a radio. I still drive to Viking once in awhile to see my family. The town looks great.

I miss my old town. I love my new farm. I cant have both. I'll always have memories of growing up in that great little town, however. I loved the Viking Elementary school and never wanted to leave. I had a crush on my fourth grade teacher. I wanted Beef cattle like John Gustafson or Melvin Grandstrand. Eventually I left Viking Elementary and Mrs Anderson was already married to a great guy. However, I have some cattle from Melvins bloodline and John stopped me at the grocery store and told me he enjoyed my column. You take the good with the bad.

You can take the kid out of the country but you cant take the country out of the kid. Its too bad more kids dont have the chance to enjoy the memories I enjoy. Then again, not everyone can be from my hometown.