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Second Edition

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What's going on at the Creamery?

...a little recent history

Among the questions asked in Viking, Minnesota there is one query common to most residents.  What is going on at the creamery?  If you’re asking what this old, brick building is going to be, I have no answer.  If you’re asking what inspired someone to remodel the old creamery, I think I have an answer-but it will take some explanation.

I grew up in Viking during the seventies and early eighties.  Times were getting tough in small-town America.  Many farms had already hit the auction block and as small farms centralized into larger farmers, small town populations centralized in larger towns.  Many of Viking, Minnesota’s residents left for greener, concrete-covered pastures.

Some of us stayed and found jobs in town.  We all loved our hometown but some of us were lucky enough to find a job that satisfied us and could help us provide for a family.
Those that left returned when they could an helped Viking improve by working on their parent’s farm or making improvements to Viking with their labor or money.   Those that stayed kept the school and church strong and made homes in which we could all take pride.

...Viking today
Viking is a beautiful town.  Viking is well-kept and maintained by it's residents and the City of Viking.  The Viking Diner has never looked better and features a nice line of antiques from cheaper, small items up to some fairly high-end pieces.  Viking still maintains an active fire department and two churches with strong congregations.  The Viking Elementary School educates children up to third grade and they are then transported to Newfolden until graduation. 
Viking recently celebrated it's Centennial and was overwhelmed by those who returned home.  Viking's residents have traveled far and away but they made time to come home for this event.  They still love their little home town.

Page two (081105)

...all right, enough history, what's going on at the creamery?

Viking's charm recently seduced a deer hunter.  Jim Riggs of Murpheys, California came up to the area to hunt deer with Viking resident Gerry Kagg.  Viking reminded Mr Riggs of his hometown which is near the wine county of California.  Over time, Jim Riggs purchased several old buildings in his home town then repaired them and made use of these old structures.  He also found this benevolent labor was profitable.  Then something funny happened, others followed Riggs' example.  Before you know it, this little town that was about the size of Viking became the focus of opportunity and grew (to about the size of Warren, Minnesota.) 

.......Jim Riggs-adventurer

Jim Riggs has made a life for himself.  He's accomplished quite a bit and could just settle back and enjoy what he's done-but he wants a little adventure.  He saw in Viking opportunity for adventure.  A nice town, low taxes, close to Thief River Falls.  He noticed what Jerome Peters had done with the museum and thought this town is ripe for a little boom.    Maybe even a little adventure.

Dreamer, meet dreamer

Scott Peters is a unique dreamer in that he usually can do it if he can dream it.  He accomplishes what he sets out to do.  He started the Sentence to Service project in Pennington COunty, has successfully ran for local political office and is a spark plug for Viking, Minnesota.  Scott Peters and Jim Riggs met a while back and put their heads together-and their efforts.  Scott had some strategically located land that would work hand in hand with Jim's efforts. 

...what to do with the land?

Riggs wants to develop the area just south of the old creamery into housing for people who want a nice home in a nice town.  He wants good people to come to Viking who will make the town strong.  These homes will be well-built, nicely landscaped with maybe a decorative pond to remind people how close they are to the country. 

...what shouldn't be done with the land

Jim Riggs has made this statement.  He does not want to undermine or compete with any current Viking business.  He wants to complement the current businesses with more traffic and greater Viking population.  He would like to start a gas station in Viking but would like local investors to join him on this project.  Riggs plans to develop new roads for the residential section of his development using local contractors.  He feels that good quality work by he and Scott Peters will inspire others to do the same.  He wants to start the process that will make a stronger Viking-not a different Viking.

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...this is what's happening at the Creamery

The answer is (drum roll)...we don't know.  Riggs has suggested a convenience store, bed and breakfast or maybe residential housing.  The one thing he wants to do is a quality job.  Demolition took some time and construction has been measured and careful.  They want to maintain the look of the creamery but make it a functional building, and that ladies and gentlemen is what's going on at the creamery.

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