Letter to Dave 33
Viking, Minnesota

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Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

Last week-end was a momentous week-end. I’m not talking about the Viking Centennial, rather I’m referring to the fact that I almost saw you in person. It’s kind of funny, I don’t believe all of us attended every feature of the Centennial but one or two of our family attended everything. Dad told me you arrived about midnight Friday and left just after the parade on Saturday. I emceed the Friday night program then headed home for work on Saturday. I understand that our brother Steve and his family got to ride in an oxcart pulled by regionally famous Ole the OX who’s manager/best friend is Laverne Hamre of Thief River Falls, Mn. One of our sister Deb’s clay pots was a gift during the drawing on Friday night as were the few Case/IH and Pasta Growers items you sent that avoided my sticky fingers (love the pen).

An educated guess would render a total of better than two thousand people crushed into Viking for Saturday’s festivities. Friday night we had over three hundred attend the program plus those who listened to the live broadcast. You attended a parade with one hundred and forty exhibits-I understand there were enough tractors in attendance to supply several threshing bees with aged-iron horsepower. Well that’s enough statistics, I guess the big thing is that Viking made it past it’s first century and was healthy enough to celebrate the fact.

The last few time we spoke on the phone you have been busy fixing the machines that bring in the harvest. I heard farmers out in Carrington, North Dakota are harvesting full force. We’ve got a start over here with barley but I haven’t seen a lot of wheat harvest, yet. The federal government allows us to hay Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres once every three years now so that’s what’s keeping me busy. Our brother Steve and his father in-law Richard Anderson are helping me so if the weather will just pitch-in a little the task should be complete this week-end.

Most of the county fairs are done around these parts so summer is in the winter of it’s life. The back to school sales are flooding the television so soon it will snow. It can’t come soon enough for me. Short biggies and big shorties such as myself are not built for hot weather. If I can’t wear a jacket and insulated boots then I don’t want to leave the house. Speaking of the weather, I recently purchased a small weather station for our farm so I’m busy building a tower for the wind and rain sensors. Never a silly task too many for me I always say, I gotta have my projects.

I’d be fooling myself if I thought we’ll see each other prior to winter so I won’t even say it. Our last visit was November so maybe it’s time to mark the anniversary. I haven’t seen the big Buffalo in Jamestown for awhile and Lisa’s been bugging me about when she could visit NDSU’s Carrington experiment station for months (yeah, right) so we’ll have to make the trip again. Tell all hello.

Your bro