Adventures in North Dakota Part II

Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio


In last week’s column, my wife Lisa and I had arrived in Carrington, North Dakota for my nephew’s wedding. I wrote mostly about the town and some of the places we visited. We ran out of space last week but today the wedding takes center stage in part two of our little adventure.

One day prior to the wedding, I finally broke down and bought some dress pants. I don’t like dress pants because they don’t fit like blue jeans. I was sitting in my dress pants in the hotel room waiting for Lisa and reminding myself to be careful how I moved because I don’t want to split my pants. My wife’s a sharp dresser and poured herself out from the bathroom looking like the tonic for weary eyes that is Lisa. We arrived at the church and my sister in law Mary pinned a flower on my shirt. Actually she pinned it to my shirt and to the skin under the shirt but I quietly walked away and repositioned it while I wiped away tears. My nephew, Ryan, was typically at ease and I thought as he walked around with his hands in his tuxedo pants that he looked like he was going to a picnic.

The service started and I steadied myself for a long Catholic wedding. I was very careful about getting up with my new pants and kneeling was out of the question. About thirty-five minutes into the ceremony it was time for lighting the unity candle during which I was to sing "the Wedding Song." It was pretty obvious that the Catholics were out to "get" the one lone Lutheran in the ceremony. I was standing by the organ ready to sing when the priest skipped past the candle and went right to communion. The litergist reminded him but then the organist started the song in the wrong key. I ran the gauntlet, however and Kristin and Ryan successfully lit their candle. Truth be told, both the Priest and the organist were lovely people and treated me fine.

The wedding reception found my brother Dave and I talking farm equipment as the Vet’s Club was located right across from a machinery dealership. Dave’s in-laws from Harvey were a spunky bunch and helped me to realize that the Polka is a contact sport in North Dakota. I must say that my greatest weakness is beer and that my will was not as strong as it should have been that night. My sister-in-law Mary had some great friends and we laughed the kind of laughter where anyone can see your fillings. (about what I will never tell) One even said they felt honored to have a celebrity in their midst-although I have no idea who of whom they spoke. It was a day I thought I could only paint in my mind.

Lisa and got home Sunday just in time to get back to our regular lives. Oh, yeah and what about my dress pants? They served me well all day and back to the hotel. I was just thinking about buying another pair as I got out of Lisa’s vehicle. Coincidentally it was approximately the same time as the stitches finally let go and I heard my new blue dress pants split-wide open.