One Year at a Time
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

My last few columns have been so easy to write because the subject was Christmas. It’s an easy inspiration which is nice because subject matter is the toughest part of any column. I suppose I could take the coward’s way this week and wax nostalgic about the past year or even make resolutions for the year yet to unfold. Neither seems satisfying and both have been done to death.

I like retrospectives but it seems that lately most “years in review” are so subjective, nasty and feature numerous political curves. I enjoy a month by month timeline of the previous year because it stirs memories of my own personal past. I’m not even sure the events of the year are as important to a self-centered human as were I was when the event occurred. Most retrospectives start with a premise such as proving a seated President has done well or not then proving the thesis using the years events viewed through the subjective eyeglass of the writer. I like a more technical report type of yearly review but that’s an animal that doesn’t exist anymore.

New Years resolutions are for those who will fail to accomplish the task but want to feel organized in their methodology. It seems that resolutions usually take the place of action. If you talk about losing weight or not smoking , it takes the place of actually eliminating the problem. Plus if you plan to lose weight after the first of the year you can afford to really pack in the food until then. I realize some people make resolutions and complete them but I think it best to make the strides towards a goal today instead of after January first.

So we can’t have retrospectives or resolutions in my rigid little world-what now? I am not going to focus on the past or the future, I will focus on today. I’m writing this column during my day shift at work which I find a little overwhelming. I swear its enough just to make it from day to day during this busy time of month. I can’t even consider the next day because today is more than enough. Maybe if I focus on a daily task instead of the part it plays in a larger goal the task will come easier. Each year seems like a race that ends where the next race starts-New Year’s Eve. Last year seemed like a huge race with no break where one season blended into the next like a painting without detail. This year I want to take each day, live it well and then move on to the next. If I do a good job with each day then strung together perhaps an even better year will result.

I can’t believe it, a retrospective and a resolution in a column where I said there would be none. And I was so close to the end.