Cyrus Loses Everything-Then is Restored
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I have always said I could see the whole world in my little farm and today confirmed that premise. I corraled my bull, Cyrus 2 days ago. I left three heifers that weren’t in heat to stay with him 1 days to help him transition to life alone. Those three heifers left him today. Nothing disastrous happened. No bent gates or corral pipe torn apart…just a broken heart.


I had taken everything Cyrus had away from him. Even those three little heifers whom he had ignored were part of his world and now they were gone. Cyrus paced the perimeter of his lonely existence looking for a way out just like I have done figuratively myself. I felt his loneliness and lack of connection with his herd. I have felt outside the loop myself. He didn’t try to break-out…he just seemed sad. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. Cyrus had done nothing but be a good-tempered lover to my cows and had sired a nice bunch of calves. This kind of isolation was not a just reward. I thought the least I could do was give him something good to eat so I brought him a nice big square bale of alfalfa leaving the twines on so he wouldn’t eat too fast and risk bloating. I remembered the phrase "comfort food" as this young bull immediately settled down. The cows noticed the new hay and soon gathered around the corral and Cyrus had his harem back. All was better…if not right.

I have always been very independent and enjoy a certain amount of solitude but today I was reminded about how much we need each other. Family, friends…even three little heifers can make all the difference.