What is Captain Nordic Beef?

Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio


Captain Nordic is Grant Nelson, about twenty years ago.  Captain Nordic was a character I created as a school mascot for the Marshall County Central Nordics from Newfolden, Minnesota.


The Captain Nordic character embodied the spirit of aggressive competition that makes people successful in the same way it kept the original Nordics or Vikings alive.  I wanted to inspire people to support our team and it was a great outlet for my energy. 
I've chosen Captain Nordic as the name for our brand of pasture-fed beef because I'm proud of the Captain.  I still feel his spirit today as my wife and I grab life and live it. 


I recently rediscovered Captain Nordic in our local newspaper.  My wife, Lisa, had used the picture to wish me a happy fortieth birthday.  I remembered the character and decided it was a good name for our brand of very healthy beef.  (scroll down for more)

Growing up on a farm, we ate and worked.  Throwing hay bales broke us down and the never-ending stream of beef built our muscles back up.  The protein and lifting I did on the farm helped me to become the anchor at strength positions in track and football in high school. 
(top left in the track picture and second from left on the football awards picture)



Our beef is Scottish Highland and Angus raised on pasture.  Our beef is lower in cholesterol than buffalo and tastes better than the gray stuff you buy at the grocery store-MUCH BETTER!  It's also high in Omega 3 with very little (if any) trim while still retaining the marbling that makes it taste great.  It stands to reason that beef is a good way to eat now as it was then.   

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