After Midnight
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

My wife Lisa goes to be about ten o clock each night. I sometimes will join her and sometimes not. I like to stay up late. I have even gone so far to say that there is a whole other world that starts when primetime ends. It’s a time of night filled with re-runs, the internet and perhaps a sandwich. Join me as we go after midnight.

I usually start off by switching our television to the satellite. I like "Third Watch" re-runs and keep it on in the background while I fill the humidifier and let our dog Muffin out for a bathroom break. I then sit down for a little TV until I get the direction of the story, from then on I merely monitor the tube from the other room. It’s time for something a little more interactive-the internet.

The internet for me is like a huge classified ad listing that never stops. I fool myself into believing that I will just check my email, my website and then quit. The session begins that way but rarely ends with a few quick replies to messages. I will never fault a woman for shopping for bargains because I do it myself. ME saying I like the online auction site EBAY is like a a gambler likes.... What starts as a quick check on whisky decanters made in the shape of cattle soons becomes something totally different. When I check into the agriculture section it’s already too late. I check for tractors even though I have no intention of buying one. I usually will run across an old Oliver caterpillar and my palms immediately begin to sweat. I will own a Cletrac or OC-3 track-tractor one day but will probably never find a use for it.

Next we move on to seedbed preparation and planting equipment. I seek out chain harrows and three point mounted no-till plants at reasonable prices. The former is as infinitely possible as the latter is impossible. The problem isn’t the price of the items, it’s the shipping. I have a Heald three-wheeler that has sat in Northern California the better part of a year waiting for transport. I paid very little for it and have almost accepted high transport costs but continue to pursue the mythical extra space on a flatbed that just happens to be bound from Alturas, California to somewhere (anywhere) near me. I used to laugh at people who believed in UFO’s but I would guess that the people who believe in UFO’s will see green men before I ever see that little atv purchased in a weak internet moment late at night with the tv on in the background and a sandwich poised just near enough to be reached without taking my eyes from the screen.

NOt all is wierd that occurs after I am by myself. Muffin gets petted, I may plug the tractor in and check the cattle one more time. Speaking of things that aren’t too wierd I even wrote this column after midnight that I hope you’ve enjoyed. Well, maybe that wasn’t a good example.