Letter to Dave February 2006
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio


Dear Dave,


The Olympics inspire the competitive spirit in most people. I’ve been inspired recently but I’ve also been sick so I plan to petition the Olympic committee to create a new sport at which I could medal. This sport would involve laying on a couch with a pair of cats further complicated by operating a television remote control and a cordless phone simultaneously. I am the current world expert in this activity.

It pains me to say I’ve been sick after all of my chest-thumping about salt-water nasal irrigation, garlic tablets and other healthy habits I’ve accumulated. I know these tactics work but I guess not every bullet can be dodged. I’m feeling better today and Lisa rolled me when she came home from work so hopefully I can avoid bed sores.

A few weeks ago, my column dealt with John Deere snowmobiles. I wrote about your exploits in cross-country racing and even communicated via email with former I-500 winner Brian Nelson. A part of that column included my memories of our old John Deere 300 snowmobile. I got a little caught-up in nostalgia and so decided to go back in time and restore that old snowmobile last week. I found it in the shop at our brother Steve’s home. It’s in quite nice shape and well-preserved by a protective layer of grain dust. I brought my old friend home and began efforts at re-animation. My memories of pulling the recoil on that old snow cat are the stuff of nightmares so I want electric start. Another convenience item will be a stick-on warming pad for the engine. Dad just about had a heart-attack when I suggested an authentic John Deere tractor seat to replace the current seat. In the end I decided to reupholster the old chair after removal of the partially digested foam stuffing and mouse skeletons.


I’m amazed by the athletes in the Olympics. The years of training and strict diets must prove a tough regimen. Then I found out that curling is an Olympic event. Can you imagine the years of leaning on a broom and reduced beer and pretzel consumption? It must be quite the Spartan lifestyle. (just kidding, you Bonspielers)

Lisa and I celebrated Valentine’s day with the exchange of gifts. Lisa got roses and while I received the better deal with a nice selection of dark beer. Lisa made sure I received a Valentines card from our dog Muffin and our two cats. I swear the softness in my head is eclipsed only by the softness in my heart and the cards made me tear up a little. The “cat” card was especially funny and I want to share it with you.

The front of the card said, “Today I thought about clawing you to pieces and feasting on the remains but I didn’t.” Inside was a picture of a cat with the words “If that’s not love, what is?”

Hope your Valentine was as warm as the weather is cold.

Your little bro’