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Viking, Minnesota

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I believe we are going to war and that our military is prepared to fight this war. I believe we will win this war. The only belief I do not hold is that all of the American public is ready for war. Our soldiers are prepared and now we need to prepare also. We must prepare in order to support our soldiers. They deserve much more but absolutely nothing less.

I would say preparedness and willingness to fight decreases the closer your come to America’s coast. The Midwest has always been willing to do the tough thing. We are the children of immigrants who paid a great deal of money to take a perilous trip across the sea for an uncertain existence in the new territories. We are the heart of the United States. We are the last to receive the latest trend and the first to be consulted when anyone takes the pulse of America. We hold the fewest people and yet we are the conscience of our country. When an important decision is to be made you never see a reporter talking to people in the large cities but rather the average person in a diner in a small town in Iowa, Wisconsin or right here. The Midwest for the most part is not effected by popular culture. Our values are learned in church and from our parents and not at the foot of a politically correct media that has no belief and no moral compass. We know when something threatens our existence we join together and prepare to fight.

People say that America is too mighty to be threatened by a thug like Saddam Hussein. I paid attention in history class. We read about a man who spent the 1920’s in prison, the 30’s basically as a gang leader and then almost defeated the world in the 1940’s. Adolph Hitler wrote Hussein’s story years ago. Winston Churchill decided to fight Germany at a time when the people backed a naive diplomat named Neville Chamberlain who signed a meaningless pact with Germany that sold out much of Europe to buy a little time for England. Churchill rejected this path and prepared his people to fight. He did not stick his finger in the wind to find the most popular choice but instead followed a higher purpose. Tony Blair offers the same backbone today in the face of negative public opinion. The reason for these opinions is simple-given the choice, people will take the easy way out.


I’ve watched a lot of television lately. Most of the coverage of the impending war has to do with people protesting. The angle of the camera usually hides the truth that’s revealed by a broad angle lens. Most of these groups are small, radical and young. These are the same high school children who a year ago could not see past the universe which featured themselves as the focal point. Many are intelligent college students at that point in their life where the common sense they were born with has been taught out of them yet have inadequate prior experience to compare to a new situation. They are still young and testing authority and would probably rank protesting a war closely with bizarre clothing and piercing themselves as a way to upset their parents and call attention to themselves. The problem is they make good television and so that is what we see. The problem is that people see these scenes from a news source they believe to be credible and question a war to protect America. Our news source fails to prepare us by not presenting solid information and instead opting for something a little more sensational.

What can we do? The stoic Midwest must speak. The country needs our common sense and our morality more than ever. Our children must learn history and in some cases we need to learn at the same time. Popular opinion may sway people but we need to realize that television news programs have become simple entertainment and not simply the news. We must prepare our minds and our hearts for war. Our soldiers stand to fight to secure our existence. We are not there with them but they need to know that we are there with them. They comprise our family, our friends and our fellow Americans. We owe them nothing less than our full support.