I Love Lucy
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

I think most people remember the old “I Love Lucy” sitcom.  I used to enjoy watching Lucy’s antics whether in her
home or at work with Mr Mooney. It occurred to me just the other day how many times I end up in situations that
are fairly comedic-if not to me then to the casual bystander.   As one such situation played itself out in my own
bathroom I realized how for the past many years I have been subconsciously stealing scenes from the queen of
physical comedy.

Our home has been in a constant state of remodeling for the past several months.  Recently two men came over and
installed linoleum in our bathroom and laundry room.   I arrived home after they had left to find the linoleum
finished but nothing else put back into place.  I replaced doors and reconnected various water fittings-they weren’t
a problem.  However sitting in the bath tub was our one and only toilet which I could foresee needing in the near
future.  I had a wax seal with me so I quickly laid it on the base and then reached for the toilet.  I assumed they had
removed the water but had guessed wrong.  I soon had water and some kind of slime that collects in the bottom of
the tank everywhere.  I panicked at the thought that I had ruined our new floor and despite my efforts still had no
toilet.   Lucille Ball had become stuck in an overflowing shower once so I tried to remember how she handled her
lavatory emergency.   I believe she ended up crying and her friend Vivian saved the day.  I handled the mess and
bolted the toilet down in time, just in time.

Another Lucy-like situation occurred this past week.  I had picked up a fourteen foot swinging gate for my corral.
Now my pick-up is a shorted (six feet long) so I put up the tailgate and hoped for the best.   I was very careful until
I got on a back road and headed for home.   I believe I was singing along with a BR-549 (great country group)
rendition of  “Cherokee Boogie” when I realized the gate was falling out of the pick-up bed.  I hit the brakes just in
time to stop this impending disaster only create a greater one.  The front of the gate was by this time pointed
skyward and gaining speed.  I heard the screech of tires and my own heart beating as the gate left the bed of my
pick-up.  I’ve seen beauty before but nothing like the awful glory I saw through my windshield as that swinging
gate crested over the cab of my pick-up.   NASA has tried to jettison large objects into the air for years and here I
had done it without even trying.   As the gate landed it came to a harmless stop and I scurried to pick it up and
load it again then fled the scene with a quick check over my shoulder.

I was just sitting here trying to think of a good ending for this column.   Something that included an accident or
some type of misadventure worthy of the “I Love Lucy” title.   As I reached to grab a Kleenex tissue I hit my coffee
cup sending a cascade of the dark, acrid stuff all over my computer keyboard and my pants.   I stood up quickly and
then hit my head on the roll-top desk.   My keyboard is now shorting out and I hope I can dry it up and still use it
in the future.  One good thing though, I did find my ending.