Jingle Jail

Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Jingle Jail

It’s become a tradition to gather at my mother in-laws place to decorate her yard.  It has also become tradition for
me to write a little farce about the whole production.  It’s really not too hard to right about as I just take the actual
events and tweak them a bit.  Mother Walseth is a little like the Gunnery Sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket” on this
festive day and barks orders until sunset.

This year I am trying something different to spin a tale of hanging lights, trimming the arbor, hauling the plywood
scenes and connecting all the splitters and timers.  I remember as a child the music of Jimmy Jensen playing all
Christmas season.  The Lundstroms played Sunday morning, my sister played the Beatles at night but Jimmy held
sway come Christmas.  Jimmy Jensen liked to take established Christmas tunes then apply new words.   I thought it
was hilarious so I thought I’d give it a try.  I hope you find it entertaining and please remember I love my mother
in-law and I am just having fun, well mostly just in fun.

Jingle Jail  (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

(First Verse)
Well I take a final breath, as the last light it was hung
Our straw-boss eyes us sternly, but I think we’re finally done
We gather every Christmas, in the Jingle Jail yard
Christmas at my mom in-laws, means you get to work real hard


Second Verse

At first I was a steamin’, brother Craig missed all the fun
But all the rest assembled, we’re all too dumb to run
I guess we’re all just lemmings, marching to a snow-filled sea
We’ve carried all the light stuff,  now let’s haul that manger scene


Third (and mercifully final) Verse

It’s the moment mostly waited, we’ll electrify the scene
It’s splitters, plugs and timers, next year’s an IMAX screen
We notify the co-op, please don’t ripple ‘til we’re done
Mother Walseth lights our Christmas jail, the gates open now let’s run


OOOh, tote that barge, lift that bale as we decorate the tree
The bullwhip cracks across our backs, we were four now we are three
Our sentence is, to serve our time, trimming trees eternally
I’m glad to help, but isn’t this just legal slavery?