Letter to Dave #23
Viking, Minnesota

Rural Reflections Radio

Letter to Dave


Dear Dave,

A few years ago, my niece questioned whether I was nocturnal because of the strange hours I work. I suspect it was a valid question that is answered each time I work a dayshift instead of nights. I am constantly tired and worthless socially when I work normal hours. I guess I’m similar to our cats in that we do our best work at night. Their craft is to scratch up our couch and mine is to answer phone calls from the other strange people who, like me, are up at three in the morning.


I hope things are going well out in Carrington, North Dakota. I’d considered a visit as I had purchased a snow plow a few miles south of you in Jamestown, ND. Unfortunately, I decided to take delivery of the plow by truck freight. I say unfortunately because I received the plow only to discover a crucial part of the assembly had avoided shipment and was still on a shelf in Jamestown. You know how I am once I get excited about a new toy and without the critical part the wheels came off my immediate-gratification train.

I may have to make a trip to Jamestown yet and if so will pick you up on the way as your experience at Case/IH with parts men could be helpful. Nothing like a little hired muscle.


So how are the wife and kinder? I’m sure Mary and the kids are all busy with jobs and school. Lisa has been helping to plan a benefit for one of her buddies who’s been feeling sick. Last week the benefit was held at the local Eagles Club in Thief River Falls, Mn. About one thousand of Karla Sparby’s closest friends gathered to ask her to please get well soon. The line to get in extended around the building and out onto the sidewalk. Karla was able to make an extended visit to the benefit where she gave her friends the fellowship they needed. Karla’s grace and good humor in hard times was even more beautiful than the pictures I saw of her as a high school homecoming queen. I also suspect that the excellent care provided by Karla’s husband Russ has created a higher standard which all of us couchier types of husbands may have to adhere to such as in the kitchen and laundry room.

The cattle are doing well even during the recent cold snap. My Scottish Highlands have very long hair so they’re never at a lack for insulation. It was thirty below zero and about five of them chased my pick-up around one evening as I Checked on them. I prefer being treated as a predator by my little herd as opposed to watching them hunch up in the face of winter’s bitter kiss. (wasn’t that poetic?)

Lisa woke me to write my column about 45 minutes ago and already I am longing for my pillow. Better let you go-gotta work dayshifts tomorrow.


Little bro’ Grant