Silverstream Shelters

Picture Gallery, a great way to choose your shelter!

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There's a lot of pictures here.  It may take a little time for them to load but it's worth the wait.

Beautiful open dairy facility
Open air dairy

The white cover lets in lots
well-lit by natural light
of light!



Here is the exterior of one of our shelters
Please appearance of our shelter
it sure fits in nice at this farm!

With a snow load of 41 lbs per sq foot this
Well-built wood laminate interior.
tough wooden truss isn't afraid of winter!

This building handles big rounds OR
Great storage for big sqaure bales
big square hay bales easily.

Our sheds are made to
Multiple uses!
serve many uses

More Pictures! Keep
Scrolling Down.

As you scroll down you
will notice some buildings
are made with wood
laminate and some are
made from steel. 
buildings carry a snow load
of 41 lbs per square foot.  The
trussed steel buildings are
incredibly strong but the wood
models (or the single arch steel)
are warranteed the same and will
give you years of service. 
wood models are easier to finish
will a traditional roof if you ever
want to do that and some models
come in different widths.  Your
local dealer can help you to
decide which is best for you.

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Store expensive
Store your valueable indoors.
recreational equipment inside

This shelter was placed
Concrete base with our shelter
on a concrete base.

Set your posts in the ground, mount the trusses,
This one is on a wood base with manure board
pull over the cover and look what you've got!

The uses for these shelters is limited
Limitless uses!
only be your own imagination!