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This model is designed for use with easy flow soils that typically do not load well in a traditional scraper.  The use of a 10 foot wide cutting blade with extended side edges help to funnel the soil into a shallower bowl and provide for easier loading of this type of material.  The direct mount design provides tractor-to-scraper weight transfer while extending the wheel base to achieve smooth even cut control.  Pull requirements are based on soil conditions but typically range from 180 – 400 horsepower tractors.





Capacity Heaped:         14 Cubic Yards  (10.78 Cubic Meters)

Capacity Struck:           11.5 Cubic Yards  (8.86 Cubic Meters)

Width of Cut:                120 Inches  (304.8 cm)

Overall Width:               139.5 Inches  (354.3 cm)

Depth of Cut:                14.75 Inches  (37.78 cm)

Depth of Spread:          0-19 Inches  (0-48.3 cm)

Ground Clearance (Cutting Edge):  19.75 Inches  (50.17 cm)

Apron Opening:            53 Inches  (134.6 cm)

Overall Length:            320 Inches  (990.6 cm)

Wheel Base:                 274 Inches  (696 cm)

Overall Height:            80 Inches  (203.2 cm)

Weight:                        14,250 Pounds  (6464 kg)

Tire Size  (Rear)           17.5 x 24 - R4 - 10 Ply

Cutting Blade:         3 Piece AR400 Plate  .750 Inches Thick 


Hydraulic Specifications:

Requires 3 Hydraulic Circuits (Standard)

Bowl Lift Cylinders:                  (2)  4-1/2” x 18”  Trunion Mount

Front Gate Cylinders:               (2)  3-1/2” x 13”

Soil Ejection Cylinders:            (2)  3” x 56”


Approximate Tractor Requirements:      (Rubber Tired)  180-400 Horse Power


Standard Features:

360 Degree Swivel Hitch

Front Hose Support Pedestal

Front Spoil Side Skirts

Extended Center Cutting Blade

Industrial  Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Laser Mast Mount Pad

Front Gate Cylinder Side Shields

Tire Valve Stem Protectors


Optional Features:

Sequenced Hydraulic Circuit for Front Gate and Ejection

           (Requiring only 2 Tractor Circuits)

Straight Across Finish Grade Cutting Blade