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The size and weight of this model allows maximum ease of maneuverability in close quarters for agricultural, grain, livestock and landscaping applications. Its construction will also withstand the demands of industrial and contracting projects. 60-125 horsepower tractors are its prime movers.



Capacity Heaped..6.5 Cubic Yards (5.1 Cubic Meters)
Capacity Struck..4.3 Cubic Yards (3.32 Cubic Meters)
Width of Cut..80 Inches (204 cm)
Overall Width..94 Inches (240 cm)
Depth of Cut..8 Inches (20 cm)
Depth of Spread..0-12 Inches (0-31 cm)
Ground Clearance (cutting edge)..9 Inches (23 cm)
Apron Opening.. 34 Inches ( 86.36 cm)
Overall Length..250 Inches (638 cm)
Wheel Base..146 Inches (372 cm)
Overall Height..58 Inches (148 cm)
Weight..5,000 Pounds (2,300 kg)
Tire Size (Front)..12.5 X 15 12 Ply
Tire Size (Rear)..12.5 X 16 12 Ply
Cutting Edge..3-piece Carbon Steel
.500 Inches Thick (1.3 cm)
Hydraulic Specifications..Requires Two Spools
Standard Sequence Valve
Bowl Lift Cylinders..3.0 X 18 (2)
Front Gate Cylinders..3.0 X 9 (2)
Soil Ejection Cylinders..3.0 X 48 (1)
Approximate Tractor Size..60-125 HP (Rubber Tire)
30-50 HP (Crawler)

Standard Features

360 Degree Swivel Hitch

Knuckle Block Steering Hitch

Industrial Style Cylinders

18 Inch Rear Spill Plate

Sequence Valve

Tire Stem Protectors

Frost Blades
3 Hydraulic Circuits
Tire Sizes
Consult Price List or Factory for Option Details